Pieter-Jan can build on a wide range of knowledge and expertise within ICT, specific industries, technologies and the interface between technology and business. His experience and knowledge is built upon 20+ years of experience in ICT. Below are a number of activities / projects / roles that Pieter-Jan performed.


QA Consultant

As a QA consultant Pieter-Jan has provided support with a large implementation and deployment of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), a High Density Wired and Wireless network infrastructure including an increase in the security level and configuration of the network equipment.

Consultant BTB / Rijkswaterstaat

Pieter-Jan supported supported Bureau Telematica Binnenvaart and Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) with several projects with his knowledge of IT, networking, security, logistics and inland shipping from 2003 until 2015. These projects were related to the European RIS (River Information Services) standards, paperless sailing, electornic reporting, container transport, inland waterway tank transport and optimalizations of logistical supply chains using ICT.

RCA team principal consultant

In 2017, Pieter-Jan has taken the role of principal consultant within an RCA team to find the possible causes for three outages at a world wide operating enterprise. Together with an extensive RCA team the probable causes have been defined, documented and the report also contains recommendations at both a technical and organisational level to prevent such an outage again. The enterprise makes use of Cisco ISE, Wireless Controllers, several Wide Area Networks, datacenters and cloud service providers.

Design and Implementation

Netwerk Architect

As a network architect Pieter-Jan has created and designed roadmaps or network architectures for a number of organisations. Besides design and roadmap, Pieter-Jan has supported the implementation of that architecture as well. These tasks were all project based and varied from a redesign of an ICT network infrastructure with increased security at an educational organisation, the design of a geographically redundant datacenter with fallback to the design, support and implement a new network infrastructure, including IPv6 support, at a SME within logistics. Throughout these projects Pieter-Jan has used and gained experiences in Cisco Firepower, Cisco ASA, Cisco ISE, Nexus Switches, Enterprise switches, Quality of Service, dynamic routing, Wireless Infrastructures, DNS, DHCP, Prime Infrastructure, DNA Center, VMWare , Hyperflex and several cloud providers.

3rd level troubleshooter & architect

For a service provider in the financial sector, Pieter-Jan has provided 3rd level support within the Infrastructure As A Service team. The work included supporting the team, executing implementations, large upgrades as well as working as network architect. Projects included the implementation of network access control based on Cisco ACS and later ISE, the setup and extension of a Wireless Network, increasing the security level and the creation of roadmap and design documentation.

Speaker / Writer

Cisco Champion 2017-2019

Pieter-Jan is a member of the Cisco Champion program since 2017. The program is organised and maintained by Cisco and has approximately 250 experts and professionals on networking over the world. These experts are selected each year and are active in sharing their knowledge on social media, blogs and are actively involved in new technology. Pieter-Jan’s blog can be found at

Speaker  Cisco Live

Pieter-Jan has provided a 30 minute session on behalf of a large ICT service provider in the Dutch government at CiscoLive Barcelona in 2018. He has provided three tips on how enterprises can start with software defined access and DNA Center in an existing (brownfield) network infrastructure. The session can be found on youtube. In 2019 Pieter-Jan will co-present and demo an application on Intent Based Networking at CiscoLive as well.


Firepower Deep Dive

In 2015 and 2016, Pieter-Jan has given a Cisco FirePower deep dive trainings of 4 hours to his collegues at YaWorks. Within the training several topics of the Cisco FirePower solution were covered, both deep technical details as well as concepts and some best practices.

Cisco ASA firewall training

Pieter-Jan has created and provided a custom made Cisco ASA firewall training of 5 days for a financial service provider. He has created this training based on an inventory with interviews. The training provided details on operating and configuring Cisco ASA firewalls. The training included lab exercises where, in contrast to other trainings, the delegates had to create their own configuration to optimise their experience.

Cisco FirePower consultancy

Pieter-Jan has supported a large organisation in the successful migration of ASA firewall contexts to new Cisco Firepower hardware appliances with a minimal impact on downtime. Within the project he also provided knowledge transfer of the appliances and configuration by creating a custom training as well as proactively supporting the team.